2019. Police = Mort, Melon Réjoui, éditions Fiasco, Marseille, France.

2019. Building a wall, éditions Autonomes, Brest, France.
2019. Fireforms, Super-Structure éditions, Bruxelles, Belgique.
2018. Short cuts, Matière, Paris, France.
2017. Parcours, Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2016. Coïncidences, self published, Douarnenez, France.
2016. Astral, Consternation, Rennes, France.
2016. Spectres, éditions FP&CF, Paris, France.
2015. 1/7, with Julie Hascoët, self published, Istanbul, Turkey.
2015. Tschäggättä On La Pampa, Re:Surgo, Berlin, Germany.
2013. Freaky happy cosmic war show, FP&CF, Paris, France.
2013. Mister Uppercut in Africa, Les Machines, Angoulême, France.
2013. Mister Uppercut, Les Machines, Angoulême, France.
2012. Empilés, with Maxime Jeune, Grèges, Octon, France.

Illustrations / press

2019. Paysageur #3, Paris, France.
2015. Volez ce livre by Abbie Hoffman, Tusitala, Paris, France.
2015. Article 11, n°19, Paris, France.
2014. Article 11, n°15, Paris, France.
2014. Jef Klak #Marabout, Paris, France.


2018. 12 peintures, "Séjour tout compris" residency, Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2017. Paysages Fantômes, with DLCTVB, Kévin Lucbert, Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2016. Chantier en cours, with Julie Hascoët, Constellations, Poitiers France.
2016. Chantier en cours, with Julie Hascoët, Festival Indélébile, IPN, Toulouse, France.
2016. Panorama Dynamo, Galerie 126, Rennes, France.
2015. Chantier en cours, Julie Hascoët & Roméo Julien, Tbilisi Book Days, Tbilisi, Georgia.
2015. 1/7 - Zine launch & exhibition, with Julie Hascoët, Graines, Istanbul.
2015. Lo-fi scenography, with Julie Hascoët, Matrijaršija, Belgrade, Serbia.
2015. Chantier en cours 1/7, with Julie Hascoët, Galerie KM8, Belgrade, Serbia.
2015. Décor, with Super-Structure, library Auderghem, Bruxelles, Belgium.
2015. Vestiges, Mulhouse 015, young artist biennale, Mulhouse, France.


2019. Artist / scholar residency, 1 month, Passerelle, Brest, France.
2019. L'Oasis, 2 weeks, Le Sénéchal, Uzerche, France.
2018. Séjour tout compris, 1 month, studio Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2018. Fireforms, Super-Structure, 1 month, Bruxelles, Belgium.
2017. Cu Chi +0, 3 month, Plus Zéro, Hô Chi Minh-City, Vietnam.
2016. Panorama Dynamo, 1 month, Galerie 126, Rennes, France.
2015. Prekomanda, 1 month, with Julie Hascoët, Novo Doba & Matrijarsija, Belgrade.


2020.Wall painting, ECV, Paris, France.
2019. Drawing and minimal comics, ECV, Paris, France.
2018. Stickers, Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2018. Fanzine, Frac Paca, Marseille, France.
2018. Drawing, Passerelle, prison of Brest, France.
2018. Comics, Passerelle, prison of Brest France.
2017. Drawings, with DLCTVB, Fotokino, Marseille, France.
2016. Artist assistant : workshop Paul Cox, lithography, Ensa Limoges, France.
2015. Artist assistant: workshop Paul Cox, lithography, Ensa Limoges, France.
2014. Comics, Ensa Limoges, France.

Collective project

Le FOFF - FUCK OFF FEST (2011-2016)

Co-founder and co-organizator of the FOFF.
On the sidelines of the Angoulême International Festival of Comics, the FOFF is an independent small publisher festival which started in 2011. The event aims to highlight the production of artists, collective structures and musicians who use new ways to produce and distribute their work.
During 6 years the festival has been a place located at the crossroads of graphics, visual arts, fanzines and art publishers. The FOFF was a research and experimentation space.